Private Group Breathwork Events

Throw the party of a lifetime for your friends and loved ones with a private group breathwork journey! Host at your home – you will need space for everyone to lie down – or we can help you find a venue in your price range. St. Louis has beautiful venues available at a range or price points! (Outside St. Louis? Get in touch! You never know.)

Personalized Soundscapes

There are multiple ways to make this event entirely yours! Most notably, your breathwork event can center around live instrumentation or a curated playlist. Elevate the session with the rhythmic beats of drums, the resonant tones of gongs, and the ethereal sounds of crystal or Tibetan singing bowls. (We tend to improvise.) This unique blend of breathwork and live music creates a dynamic and immersive experience.


Pricing for these packages varies depending on location, logistics, size of group, etc. We’re willing to work with a wide range of ideas, however! Whether you’re interested in an experience with recorded music or live instrumentation, get in touch and make your event unforgettable.