Candlelight Sound Baths @ the Arcade Building

Monthly - Time/Date Varies

Looking for a nurturing Saturday night of self-care just steps from your own front door? Join us the fourth Saturday of each month for a healing sound bath at the Arcade building. Crystal singing bowls are a powerful tool that can help you access the deepest parts of yourself, heal emotional wounds and release trauma, and regulate your nervous system overall. 

This event is FREE for members of the Arcade community and their guests. There is also a very limited guest list for outside attendance – but note that you will need to arrive promptly – once I head upstairs to start teaching, doors are locked and there is no admittance. If you’d like to attend, please RSVP below!

The Arcade Building is at 800 Olive Street, between Locust and Pine. We are next door to Culinaria and the Old Post Office downtown. We are also directly next to the 8th & Pine Metro stop. Read more about the building’s history here.


  • Sunday 4/28 and Saturday 5/25 – more dates coming soon!
  • Arcade Building 3rd floor dance studio
  • Bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, water and a journal
  • FREE for Arcade residents and their guests!
  • Tips are welcomed via Venmo if you enjoy the experience but they are NOT required!

What are sound baths like?

In this class, we’ll start with a gentle, guided meditation to help you drop into your body. Then you’ll experience nearly an hour of harmonic healing from the crystal singing bowls. Sound baths move your brainwaves into a dreamlike state, where you can access and process your memories and emotions differently. Many people report that the sensation helps them to feel “unstuck.”

When the sound bath concludes, we will have a brief sharing circle for anyone who wants to talk about the experience or integrate their emotional journey in a safe environment.

You will spend the majority of class laying on a yoga mat – if you can’t lay on the floor, please feel free to bring anything you are comfortable with so you can lay down. (Please feel free to reach out if you need any special accommodations – we have plenty of room.)

Plan to give yourself a couple minutes to sit and reorient yourself to the real world before you go home! 

How should I prepare for a sound bath?

You don’t need to do anything at all – just show up in comfortable clothes, ready to relax for an hour. If you would like to honor the occasion, you might spend time the night before journaling, meditating, setting intentions, creating affirmations, and singing or dancing. At the beginning of every session I ask participants what they want to focus on during their journey. Your personal ceremony might help you clarify your desires and focus your intentions for the journey to come.

What should I bring?

Bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow, and a water bottle. Other items you might want include an eye mask, a journal and pen, drawing materials, crystals (if that’s your thing), chapstick, and a stuffed animal or other comfort item. People love Squishmallows! You want to make yourself the most comfortable little nest you are willing to transport from your own home. 🙂 If you have a bad back, consider bringing a yoga bolster to place under your knees (it takes the pressure off your lower back) or two mini yoga bolsters to tuck under your derriere (it works even better!). If you let me know ahead of time you need a bolster, I can bring one for you. Wear comfortable clothing and consider dressing in layers – body temperate can fluctuate during energy work.