Why breathwork?

Breathwork is an ancient self-healing, self-regulation and self-exploration technique that originated in Eastern culture. Your own breath is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal - you owe it to yourself to master this gift!

Emotional Processing

Breathwork is an amazing practice for helping you process difficult emotions and release trauma and grief. Over time, you will find balance and joy naturally returning to your life.

Executive Function

If you struggle to find enough hours in the day, or have trouble getting the basics done, breathwork can be a strengthening practice that improves your life. You will find that over time, you can simply focus better and do more, more effectively.

Nervous System Regulation

The world we live in is unkind to the human nervous system, and daily stressors can force us into involuntary fight-or-flight responses. Breathwork is one of the strongest ways to improve your vagal nerve health.


Breathwork is an amazing alternative if you struggle with focus during normal meditation. It can also help If you have trouble finding that moment of pause when you need it in your daily life.

Stress Management

We all carry our emotions around with us every day in our bodies, and stress is strongly linked to both mental and physical illness. Breathwork provides an intense somatic stress release that helps you weather the day-to-day storms.

Health and Vitality

Breathwork has been studied as a treatment for almost every health condition you can imagine - and it's highly beneficial for almost all of them. If you're looking for a starting point in your health journey, look no further!

Saturday 4/27 - 2:30pm

Taylor Swift Breathwork, TTPD Edition!

Join us for the follow-up to our February Taylor Swift-themed breathwork event, hosted in conjunction with our friends at Golden Gems! The new playlist will include tunes from The Tortured Poets Department. (Obviously.) Bring a yoga mat, water, and a blanket!


Tuesday, 5/7 - 6:30pm

Shamanic Spring Cleaning: Chakras and Shadows


As spring explodes around us, the urge to shake off the cobwebs is natural – not just in our lives but in our psyches. In this shadow workshop, we’ll call on our inner healer and all the senses to explore the shadows associated with each chakra. Through dance, drumming and activated breathwork, we’ll connect with ourselves and each other as we magnify the healing energy in our circle.

We’ll begin the journey with a cacao ceremony, a time-honored tradition revered in shamanic practices for its heart-opening and spirit-aligning properties. As we sip, we’ll do journaling work together around the shadows associated with each chakra. Then we’ll warm-up our physical vessels and practice meditation through movement during a short ecstatic dance session.

You’ll be guided through your journey using shamanic drumming, breathwork and visualization to help you achieve altered states of consciousness and deeper levels of self-awareness. After visiting each of our shadow realms, we’ll bring healing and cleansing energy to each chakra before we close with a short gratitude practice.

Event Series

Arcade Sound + Breath Series


Join us for a series of sound and breath adventures at the historic Arcade Building in downtown St. Louis! All events in this series are FREE for Arcade residents and their guests. There is a small outside guest list for these events – please RSVP and arrive promptly, no late arrivals will be admitted! (It’s a logistical thing.)

Candlelight Sound Bath
Saturday 5/26 at 6pm

Community Breathwork
Second Sundays @ 10am starting June 9

Saturday 5/4 - 7-9pm

Candlelight Breathwork Jam - Lilith Fair edition


In this monthly breathwork series, we’ll explore different eras of music history as we unwind from our daily stresses and bond with friends old and new. This month, we’ll revisit some favorites from female-fueled ’90s alternative rock ‘n’ roll. Dress extra comfy and bring all your favorite comfort items from home – this downtempo, candlelit class will leave you feeling relaxed and restored!

St. Louis Science Center

Celestial Breath: A Night of Sound Healing + Breathwork


Join us for an unforgettable evening of Shamanic Sound Healing and Breathwork at James S. McDonnell Planetarium on Saturday, March 5, as the celestial sounds guide you on a transformative journey within this immersive setting. Experience deep relaxation, spiritual connection, and inner healing in this unique and powerful event.

More Upcoming Classes

Breathwork + Sound Bath  |  La Gasolina w/ Aria Thomé  |  February 25 @ 10:30am, $30  |  Tickets

Shamanic Sound + Breathwork | Rootbound w/ Aria Thomé  |  March 5 @ 6:30pm, $30  | Tickets

Shamanic Drumming + Breathwork  |  Shanti Yoga w/ Aria Thomé  |  March 17 @ 2pm, $45 drop in  |  Tickets

Breathwork Pajama Party – Lilith Fair Edition | Carondelet Yoga | April 6 | Tickets coming soon!

Visit the 1:1 Breathwork Studio

Ready to take a deep dive into your own psyche? I am available to guide you on a safe, meditative psychedelic breathwork experience in my downtown St. Louis office. You will leave your session emotionally open and ready to process hidden emotions and move forward with purpose. One-on-one sessions combine breathwork, guided meditation and art therapy for a journey that’s part inner work and part play.