Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork, a transformative practice developed by psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina in the 1970s, is rooted in the understanding that altered states of consciousness can lead to profound insights and healing.

Drawing on his extensive research with psychedelic substances and non-ordinary states of consciousness, Grof developed this method as a safe and legal way to access profound states of awareness and explore inner realms without the use of external substances. The term “holotropic” itself means “moving towards wholeness,” reflecting the practice’s goal of promoting integration and self-discovery.

Holotropic breathwork has gained popularity as a non-pharmacological means of exploring altered states and unlocking the potential for healing. “Holotropic” doesn’t actually refer to a style of breath – Holotropic breathwork is based in basic circular breathing patterns. If you’re participating in Holotropic breathwork, it means you’re committing to a six-hour session where you will be breathing half the time and “sitting” with another breather half the time. It’s an intense experience, but the time committment does mean it may not be the right experience for everyone who’s interested in checking out breathwork for the first time!


  • Currently, participating in Holotropic Breathwork is difficult because it is a trademarked form of breathwork, the training is expensive, and the majority of practitioners are outside the United States.
  • Tami has begun the training process with Grof Transpersonal Training – only 2-4 more years to go! (LOL.)
  • We would love to create a Holotropic Breathwork hub in the midwest – specifically St. Louis! Most training and U.S.-based Holotropic breathwork events currently require travel to California, Colorado or Massachusetts, making this form of breathwork further inaccessible.
  • One possible way we could make training happen here is by hosting certified Holotropic breathworkers – one visited St. Louis in the fall and held a workshop.
  • If you’re interested in more information, or you can help with this goal, please reach out via email or come say hi at an event!