Daily Standup

Monday-Friday 7:30-8AM on LinkedIn Live starting in July

This daily practice is designed to promote clarify and well-being. We’ll do a 5-minute meditational warmup followed by a 25-minute breathwork sequence that’ll leave you in a work-appropriate state of mind. Join us!

Executive Function | Somatic Breathwork Lunch Break

Thursdays 12-12:30PM CST on TikTok starting in July

A quick weekly practice designed to alleviate stress and reset the nervous system through polyvagal exercises and breathwork.

Activated Breathwork

Wednesdays 8-10PM on Instagram Live starting January 18

Dive deep in this hour-long activated breathwork journey! This weekly practice is designed to foster all those things you’ve heard about breathwork – psychedelic experiences, emotional releases, and more!