Shamanic-Inspired Breathwork

This is our premium breathwork + sound experience, created in tandem with sound healer Dr. Aria Thomé. This two- or three-hour journey is accompanied by a host of live instruments – multiple drums, gongs, Tibetan bowls, rattles, etc. Although we tailor each event to the participants in attendance, each generally includes a vocal toning segment, a chime bath, and a closing gratitude meditation. This is a not-to-be-missed healing experience! As one participant at our last event said: “This is the best experience of my entire life.”


What's shamanic-inspired breathwork like?

This form of breathwork utilizes a breath that drops you into a deep but activated trance state quickly for optimal journeying conditions. The practice is accompanied by live instrumentation with sound healing instruments, provided by Dr. Aria Thomé – this can include drums, gongs, tibetan bowls, rain sticks, rattles, and other percussive instruments. The breath is fast-paced and there is a guided tempo.

How should I prepare for breathwork?

Although no special preparation is required, if you would like to honor the occasion, you might design a ceremony the night before that includes journaling, meditation, intention setting, affirmations, singing and/or dancing. At the beginning of every session I ask participants what they want to focus on during their journey. Your ceremony will ideally help you clarify your desires and focus your intentions. 

What should I bring?

Bring a yoga mat, a blanket (if you want one) and a water bottle. Breathwork can make you thirsty! Other items you might want include a journal and pen, drawing materials, favorite crystals, chapstick, and a stuffed animal or other comfort item. You can use a pillow or not, depending on what you find comfortable. If you have a bad back, consider bringing a yoga bolster to place under your knees (it takes the pressure off your lower back) or two mini yoga bolsters to tuck under your derriere (it works even better!). Wear comfortable clothing and consider dressing in layers – body temperate can fluctuate wildly during breathwork, and you may get very hot or very cold during your session.