IBF Ethical Guidelines for Breathwork Practitioners

Practitioner – Client Boundaries:

  1. Practitioners assess clients as follows:
    1. Their ability to utilise and integrate the results of Breathwork sessions.
    2. Their physical and mental abilities/capacity and any possible contraindications.
    3. Refrain from any form of discrimination (race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation)
  2. Creating a clear contract with the client by:
    1. Discussing number & duration of sessions and financial commitment.
    2. Establishing agreements with the client regarding the use of techniques other than Breathwork and specifically regarding touch.
    3. Maintaining client confidentiality and security of client records & session content in alignment with EU GDPR Policy.
  3. In working with a client, we facilitate & foster positive change though working with the breath. We encourage our clients to take personal responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings and actions.
  4. As practitioners we always respect and facilitate the client in their process and intention.
  5. Refrain from all forms of sexual contact/behaviour with a client even if the client initiates or invites such behaviour. It is highly unethical. Should a practitioner- client relationship become sexual, the client must be referred on to another professional.

As Practitioners we:

  1. Maintain integrity by living what we teach.
  2. Recognise the divinity and fundamental innocence of allhumanity.
  3. We practice compassion and a holistic, intuitive approach to our work.
  4. Acknowledge the equality between practitioner andclient.
  5. Are committed to be fully present and non-judgmental at alltimes.
  6. Respect the client’s freedom of choice.
  7. Support the client in clarifying their current state of being.
  8. Accept responsibility as a ‘creator of our own reality’ and own ourown projections.
  9. Create a safe environment inwhichtoaccompany the client intheir healing process.
  10. Recognise and respect the necessity for on-going professional support & supervision.